Road Trips

Advanced Driving Technique

road_tripsWe offer road trips to assist you in learning how to plan a trip, how to read maps, and perform re-driving checks of your vehicle to insure a safe journey. You save money on maintenance and mishaps. Learn proper use of the eyes to stay out of trouble. The Institute of Driver Behavior reports that “four out of five divers demonstrate by their actions in traffic that they fail to recognize a traffic hazard SOON ENOUGH TO PREVENT IT!” Correct seeing habits, properly developed, leave less chance for traffic mishaps. FEW divers can build correct seeing habits by instinct alone, without professional instruction. Let our years of experience make you or your loved one a safer driver.

Incorporate this program into your 50-hour state requirement. It would be your wisest investment of your life SAFETY. Learn how to read the roadways, freeways and navigate by reading and trip planning.

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