Announcement #1

Did you know that only eight out of 10 teens in California wear seat belts? That means that two of your friends sitting in this room could die in a car crash because they did not buckle up. Or maybe they would just be paralyzed for life. Don’t let your friends do something stupid. If you are the driver, always wear your seat belt and make sure every passenger in your car does the same.

Announcement #2

Did you know that almost 75 percent of people who are ejected from a vehicle in a crash are killed? Only one percent of vehicle occupants wearing seat belts are ejected in a crash. You do the math. Wearing a seat belt is the smartest thing you can do to protect yourself. So always buckle up.

Announcement #3

What could you do with 80 or 90 dollars? Buy a cool pair of shoes? Go out with your friends? Use it for gas money? Well, if you get caught not wearing your seat belt, kiss that 80 or 90 dollars goodbye because that’s what the ticket is going to cost you. And you know your parents are NOT going to be happy about that. Save your money and buckle up.

Announcement #4

Zero tolerance. You’ve probably heard this as it relates to underaged drinking. You know it’s illegal to drink if you’re under 21. But did you know California also has zero tolerance for seat belt violations? That’s right. A cop can pull you over just for not wearing your seat belt. And you’re not going to get a warning. You’re getting a ticket that will cost between $80 and $91 depending on which county you live in.

Announcement #5

Seat belts are important for both drivers and passengers. And for those of you under sixteen, if the police see that you’re not wearing a seat belt, the driver could be fined up to $350 and get a point on their driving record, So do your friends a favor for giving you a ride and be sure to always .buckle up. Click It or Ticket.

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